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Monday, 16 June 2008

ArtistX 0.5 - A Complete Multimedia Studio on a Live DVD

ArtistX 0.5, a Debian-based Live DVD Linux distribution,

Was announced a few days ago by Marco Ghirlanda. This distro is full of applications for audio, video and graphics creation and editing. It uses the 2.6.25 Linux kernel and KDE 3.5 as desktop manager. You get Compiz 0.7.7 for more eye-candy.
As there's no need to install it on your system, you have a complete multimedia production studio right from the DVD. For 2D graphic editing you have Gimp, Inkscape, Nip2, Krita, Cinepaint, Rawstudio and more. If you create 3D animations, you can use Blender, Wings3D or K3D. They are on the Live DVD too and they are accompanied by some other great applications.

Two of the most popular video editing tools from the open source world are Cinellera and Kino. They are both included in ArtistX 0.5 along with Kdenlive, Pitivi, Avidemux, Devede, Openmovieeditor and many more. If you just want to watch a movie or listen to music, you have a large number of multimedia players available, like Mplayer, Helix Player, Xine, Kaffeine and Kmplayer.

When you feel in the mood for creating some songs and probably become famous, you can use the music editing software that comes packed in ArtistX. One of the most powerful tools included in ArtistX is Rosegarden, which is an audio and MIDI sequencer, score editor and can be used as a general music composition environment. Ardour is a digital audio workstation that you can use for recording, editing and mixing music and the good news is that you get it too with ArtistX. Cecilia/Csound, TerminatorX, Mixxx, PD (PureData) and its externals will complete your music production studio. If you're still not satisfied with the apps presented above, you will certainly find something that fits your needs from the 2500 multimedia applications.

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