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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How to access, your Facebook, Youtube , Bebo etc from any computer using FireFox

Sometimes social networking sites (Bebo, Youtube, Facebook ) are banned from colleges and or uni computers, even at home, sites may be forbidden so you can not access them.

I believe in self control and that you will use this "how to" to explore, and be free.

You can search anonymously any site from school or work using a couple of methods.

(1)Using a web proxy.

Just click on the site and you are ready to surf anonymously.

Using a web proxy may be a simple way, but your administrator may end up banning the site as well.

(2)Enable Firefox to use a proxy server.

Find a site with a list of world proxy servers, I use it gives you an updated lists of proxy servers and their ports, we will use them in the following step.

Now on Firefox, click on Tools > Options > Advanced >Network and then Settings.
Select Manual proxy configuration.

On the HTTP proxy box we will enter the IP address from the proxy list I will use the first bit is the IP and the last four numbers are the PORT.
Click OK and test you are free to surf the web anonymously.

The final result when I check my IP address has change to the one of the proxy server.

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