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Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Open Source is changing the world

The Open Source is changing the world because now technology and innovating software are reachable by poor countries and everyone as well.
In Brazil, the open source software is now the base of all the administrative system even the Brazilian Navy is using open source software.
The German railroad system is migrating to Linux and of course, Open Source.
In India the most advanced labs are using Linux and Open source software, it can be modified to fit into the special requirements of advanced technology studies.

Open source makes software more efficient and stable because a lot of people around the world improves the software,adapting it to special requirements, tranlating it, fixing bugs, glitches, EVERYTHING.
The open source software is free, you can use it for free, you can copy it for free, you can change it for free, you can help others for free.
The Open Source is bringing back the meaning of FREEDOM in the world.

Thanks Kroperx

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