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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Open Source Seminar Series - Content Migration without the Migraine London 26th June 2008

Migrating to a new website or content management system (CMS) presents serious challenges to any organisation, large or small.

Migration from your existing website or CMS to a new one will cause real headaches if you have a large amount of content to move and organise. And yet content migration is often an after-thought, causing delays in site delivery and untold pressure during the build process.

Over the past 10 years, Squiz has delivered hundreds of successful content migration projects. And on Thursday June 26th Squiz will host an exclusive seminar where we'll discuss the 10 critical factors that determine whether a content migration project succeeds or fails. Attendees will also have a first hand demonstration of Squiz's market leading open source CMS MySource Matrix, used by Oxford University, Digital UK and the NSPCC.

The FREE session is a must for all web managers and owners who are planning web projects in the near future. You will learn:

  • The 10 critical factors that will determine whether your content migration project succeeds or fails...
  • How to ensure your search engine rankings are not only maintained but improved...
  • Common pitfalls to be aware of and a plan to avoid them...
  • How open source software provides real control over budget and timelines...
  • An in-depth demonstration of how MySource Matrix has been used to deliver successful migration projects for the like of Informa, Digital UK and the Royal College of Nursing.

You will also get a chance to network with other leading web professionals at the session, which runs from breakfast through to lunchtime at London's top private member's club, Adam Street.


09.30: Arrival, tea/coffee and pastries

10.00: Session #1: The business case for content migration

10.30: Session #2: Content migration best practice guidelines for a successful web project

11.15: Q&A followed by coffee break

11.30: Session #3: In-depth view of MySource Matrix and how to use it as the basis of a successful web strategy

12.30: Q&A

13.00: Ends

Attendees will be able to take home a copy of the MySource Matrix CMS for FREE….PLUS a copy of the latest Squiz White Paper on this very topic - Content Migration.


The Gallery,
Adam Street Club,
9 Adam Street,
The Strand,
London WC2N 6AA

Thursday, 26th June 2008
09.30 to 12:30


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