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Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Red Hat of CMS, MySource Matrix .

Pay For Services not For Licenses?

Almost a week has passed, after I attended a seminar in London, from, about content migration using MySource Matrix Open Source CMS.

As an Open Source philosophy lover, I was coming to a conclusion during the seminar:
their software had first class assets, in many cases exceeded the functionality of traditionally licensed high-end CMS such as Interwoven,Vignette or RedDot, haver a very easy to use GUI and the system is highly customizable, but why should I pay for an open source CMS when there are excellent free software CMS such as Joomla, Mambo or Drupal?

Then one of the attendees, asked what exactly you get when you pay for MyOpensource, and why should he Use MySource instead of any other CMS.
The answer was straight forward, you don't pay for the license you pay for the services.... they offer first class support, training and what they call a Data Value Program. It reminded my of Red Hat Linux, you can train your IT team to use Mysource Matrix in one day, two days for a more in depth training, and for System administrator maybe about a week.

Squiz has a team Just to write User Manuals

MySource Matrix is developed and maintained by Squiz headquarters in Sidney, with a development support and implementation office in London. offer monthly seminars, I think the next seminar is will be about E-commerce, I hope I can make it.

If you are looking for
first class open source content management system the answer is Mysource matrix .

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