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Friday, 6 June 2008

Where to go In Barcelona?

Ok you bought some plane tickets to Barcelona, and you want to get the most of your stay.

You have come to the right place, I am from Barcelona like Manuel( Faulty Towers), and I am going to introduce you to the real city, far far away from the tourist places that only want your money and doesn't reflect the real Catalonia.

Remember Barcelona is in Catalonia as Edinburgh is in Scotland , and Dublin is in Ireland, not Spain.

During the Day

L'ovella Negra.

This Tavern is a bit tricky, It is open all day and closes very late a night, so you could use it as a night bar but because they serve food I thought it will be good in this section.
I used to go there when I was a student, now is full of tourists and is great because the interaction is amazing, I always end up talking to some guys or girls from Sweden, Norway etc, but still have good prices good food and a crazy atmosphere during the night, jugs and jugs of sangria, around 12 euro per a 2 litre jug.

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Bosc de les Fades.(Barrio Gotico)

Romantic, mystic and magic, Bosc de les fades means, forest of the fairies, and is like a museum, tree tables, fairies floating around, nice coffee a bit pricey but is worth it.

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During the Evening.

Rush Up.(Gracia Barcelona)

It is busy but cosy, ideal place to go before your night out, prices are really good and opens from 6 o'clock in the evening, until 3 am during the weekends, the rest of the week closes at 2 am.

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La Perla Rock'n'Roll Bar(Gracia Barcelona)

Nice Place, nice people and Rock'n'roll , yes no flamenco here good old AC/DC , prices are good, opens from 20:00 until 2 am , not bad for starters.

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La cerveza artesana. (Gracia Barcelona. )

Or best Known as "The temple of Beer" Ideal for beer lovers, all kinds of beers pints ,Indian Beer beer, Cuban beer, Chinese beer ,Beer From the Netherlands, and of course Spanish beer.
They give you some pistachios, nuts etc free with your beer :).

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Bar Tribianni.(
Barcelona Gracia).

Yeeeees like Joey Tribianni from Friends hahaha, this place is unique, opened a couple of years ago, prices are excellent and you will feel like at home.
Joey would be proud, some live music, Indie atmosphere.

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Puku Cafe.(gracia)

Do you like good wine and good food the place to go is Puku Cafe, quiet and a good place to talk about the future. Excellent prices opens from 20:00 o'clock to 2 am.

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During the Night.


L'ovella Negra Poblenou.


Meeting point.

After hours

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