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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Download PHP Script FTP like Filebrowser

PHP FTP like Filebrowser description

Allows site administrators to expose a particular file system folder and all of its subfolders with a fancy FTP-like interface to site visitors. File metainformation (via descript.ion and files.bss) is supported. The module also allows these metafiles to store special content, which can be parsed with a callback. If no callback is specified in the file, only the description will be fetched.

This module tries to protect your files outside of the public folder from being listed, as well as trying to protect version control metafiles (CVS and .svn folders) from being listed, but there is no guarantee as usual, that this will never happen.

This module offers the following features:

  • Private downloads so that files (such as PHP files) can be downloaded.

  • File blacklists so that specific files can be removed from directory listings.

  • Node-based. All features available to nodes, such as path aliasing and access control can now be applied to directory listings.

  • Settings to limit exploration of subdirectories.

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