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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Is my life about to change?

Does destiny exist?.

Hi there,

I have been interested in Linux for a while now, installing, configuring, crying etc...
Last week when I was job Hunting, I found the perfect position to apply for "Linux technician"
Red hat, Apache Mysql etc but the most important the willing to learn ..... well thats me me me I thought.

I sent them my CV and after a couple of days they called me !!!!! I was so excited.

The interview.

I woke up and I wasn't nervous usually is really stressing to attend an interview but not this time.

The place was great Pictures of Animated caracters hanging in the wall, you could breathe art and harmony in there, the interviewer was great not intimidating at all he just wanted to interview me, with out any psichological torture.

Well the interview was 90% OK now the destiny bit .......

When I was walking inside the underground I saw some posters on the wall saying "Big Decissions are beign made around you"......
I thought that was hilarious but wait there is more "how can we make that happen..." very interesting after attending an interview.

Today I woke up and in my way to the bus, I saw a van with a message containing the name of !!the company I applyed for ....... th van was from a diferent company!!

Good interview, Good signs will I get my dream Job, are this coincidence or my life is about to change.........

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