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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Mathematics for Information Technology

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Research in Mathematics for Information Technology

Mathematics for IT is a 'cross-cultural' group, having connections with various mathematical areas including Computer Science. Our work has mainly involved: (1) error-correcting codes that change according to the degree of interference through which the message stream passes; (2) the mathematics of computer graphics; (3) polynomials over finite fields which have important applications in aspects of information technology such as communications and secrecy; (4) the use of fractals in representing nature, and in image compression and reconstruction, (5) neural networks, (6) mathematics (especially cellular automata) and music


Professor S D Cohen : Applications of Finite Fields
Dr S G Hoggar : Fractal Compression

Recent Theses

  1. "Jigsaws and Faster Fractal Pictures " by Lindsey Menzies
  2. "Weight Enumerators and Weight Distribution of KM Codes" by Keith Pickavance
  3. "Prediction of Earthquakes " by Euan Fraser
  4. "Applications of Dynamical Systems to Music Composition " by Kenneth McAlpine
  5. "M-sequences related to the multifocal electroretinogram: identification of primitive polynomials to avoid cross-contamination in mutlifocal electroretinogram responses " by Jill Ireland
  6. "LVQ and Kohonen nets as human, for comparing ASM generated faces " by Hataikin Porncharoensin

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