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Thursday, 10 July 2008

PHP Scripts Download "download_count"

This module increments a download counter each time an attached file is successfully downloaded. Each file has its counter. Note : the module only works when Drupal's download method is set to private.

The module also logs a descriptive message to admin » logs, under type 'download', when a file is either successfully downloaded or when someone (usually a robot) attempts to download a file but is denied access to that file ('file x has been downloaded', 'Failed to download file x'). Browsing through the logs, the administrator can see who downloaded what file and from which 'referal' page.

A page can be accessed where a table lists all downloaded files with their download count. The table provides this information: filename, download count, last time the file was downloaded in the form 'x days y min ago', a link to view the node where the file is attached

Download statistics can be viewed in the node as well.

Roles can be given access to the 'Download center' where they can view the download count 1- for each file that was ever downloaded (since module installation) OR 2- for files attached to nodes they authored. The same access control granularity applies for viewing download count in nodes.

The module keeps track of downloaded files that are attached to nodes as 'file attachments'.

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