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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sun Logical Domains Discovery Day

Understand how to take full advantage of the Zero Cost Virtualisation features of Sun's World Leading Coolthreads servers.

Sun and Logical Domains

Everyone's talking about server virtualisation.
• Many people have virtualised Microsoft Windows workloads using hypervisor-based solutions
• Many people have virtualised Sun Solaris workloads using hardware domains & Solaris Containers
• Many people now understand the breakthrough benefits that can be achieved using Coolthreads servers and Logical Domains
• Take it to the next level with integration of wirespeed encryption and high speed networking on the world's most eco-responsible servers
• Handle consolidation of legacy Solaris applications and realise massive savings in TCO.

Attend our event and see a fully operational demo of this in action and get detailed information on best practices and strategies - Find out why Coolthreads servers with Logical Domains is not just a new technology - it's a compelling cost and efficiency story.
There is also an optional afternoon technical workshop which will take you much deeper into the configuration, build, data migration and management of these systems and discuss migration strategies and best practices

Logical Domains Discovery Day
Tuesday 1st July
Tuesday 2nd September

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So get the details

Sun and Logical Domains can help you reduce your power consumption, heat output, required space, server acquisition costs, support costs and management costs...and avoid licensing charges for server virtualisation.

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Register for the Logical Domains Discovery Day
Date: Tuesday 1st July 2008
Venue: Sun Microsystems, Camberley. GU17 9QG
Date: Tuesday 2nd September
Venue: Sun Microsystems, Linlithgow. EH49 7LR

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