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Thursday, 21 August 2008

How to Install Shake on Ubuntu 8.0.4

The problem is a missing x11 library that is not included with hardy, but is found in recent suse and fedora distros - and so we'll take the library from an extracted fedora *rpm file, libX11-1.0.3-8.fc7.i386.rpm
  1. download the file libX11-1.0.3-8.fc7.i386.rpm
  2. install the 'alien' rpm conversion utility
  3. extract the rpm file
  4. locate and copy to the lib directory used by shake
  5. rename your moved copy of '' to ''
    • if you are running shake from the original directory that was created from the software's extraction, then the lib directory is found in the shake directory
    • (~./shake*/lib/)
  6. if you are using shake 4.1, then you should be able to run shake

Instructions for Installing RPM Files Using Alien

Installing Alien

You can install alien itself from the Ubuntu Universe repository by adding the repository to your list of sources and doing:

$sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install alien

Installing the .rpm file

To install the .rpm file, you first need to convert it to a .deb file which can be installed on Ubuntu.
I assume that you downloaded the package to your Desktop (~/Desktop is the directory)
You can convert the .rpm to a .deb by using the following commands.
$cd ~/Desktop
-This will change the directory to your desktop, where you have the .rpm file.

$sudo alien -k name-of-rpm-file.rpm
- This will convert the .rpm to a .deb.
- The “-k” will keep the version number. Otherwise alien adds a “1″ to the version number.
- Tip: Use Smart Tab Completion to avoid mistyping the file names :)

$sudo dpkg -i name-of-deb-file.deb
- This will install the .deb package

Try reading the alien manpage for more details on how to convert other kinds of packages and the options available.

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