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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

How to Install Shake, Nvidia driver and Centos 5.2

Install Centos 5.2

  • Boot from your first CentOS 5.2 DVD. Press at the boot prompt.

  • It can take a long time to test the installation media so we skip this test.

  • The welcome screen of the CentOS installer appears. Click on Next.

  • Choose your language .

  • Select your keyboard layout

  • If you are installing CentOS 5.2 on a fresh system, answer Yes to the question Would you like to initialize this drive, erasing ALL DATA?

  • Now we must select a partitioning scheme for our installation. For simplicity's sake I select Remove linux partitions on selected drives and create default layout. This will result in a small /boot and a large / partition as well as a swap partition. Of course, you're free to partition your hard drive however you like it. Then I hit Next.

  • Answer the following question (Are you sure you want to do this?) with Yes.

  • On to the network settings. The default setting here is to configure the network interfaces with DHCP, but we are installing a server, so static IP addresses are not a bad idea... Click on the Edit button at the top right.

  • Choose your time zone

  • Give root a password

  • The installer checks the dependencies of the selected packages:

  • Click on Next to start the installation:

The hard drive is being formatted

  • Finally, the installation is complete, and you can remove your CD or DVD from the computer and reboot it

Installing Nvidia drivers


Browse to and downloaded the linux drivers (x86_64 in my case): (or whatever current one is)

2. Download the file: (or whatever current one is)

3. Get out of X. At a shell, type: init 3

You cannot be in X while doing this. Running 'init 3' will kick you out of X, back to a console prompt.

4. Login as root

5. Move the downloaded file to ~ (/root)

mv /home/whateveryournameis/Desktop/NVIDIA* /root

6. You have to install the kernel source code with yum, before running the nvidia utility:

Just run: yum install kernel-devel

7. Unpack the archive, and start the installer:

Just run: sh

This will unpack the archive, and automatically run the 'nvidia-installer' for you.

Just follow the prompts.

8. After driver is installed, you need to update your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to use the new driver.

Just run: nvidia-xconfig

It will modify your xorg.conf file for you automatically.

9. Reboot

10. Enjoy :)

Installing shake


  1. Go to applications then sytem tools and open the terminal.

  1. all the following commands are to be executed in the terminal or just copy and paste:

tar -zxvf shake-linux-v4.10.0606a.tar.gz .


  1. Copy the output of the “pwd” command with your mouse then:

nano /etc/profile

scroll down until the end of the document and write:


press control-x and “yes” to save the settings

3. Open a terminal again and write: shake you should be able to run shake.

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