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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Google Drive client Fedora 16 RPM

Grive 0.1.0

Grive Alpha release. It just downloads all the files in your google driveinto the current directory. After you make some changes to the local files, run grive and it will upload your changes back to your google drive.

This is the first version of grive that supports 2-way sync. One new
feature is the addition of the "-f" option, which will force grive to
always thinks files in Google Drive is newer.

The attached link contains an RPM for Fedora 16, as well as a tar ball of
source code. Packages of other distributions will come soon.

Grive is consider alpha now.

This is compiled in Fedora 16 x64. You need the following libraries to run:

json-c, libcurl, libstdc++ and openssl. CppUnit is also optional and required only if you want to build the test cases.

When grive is ran for the first time, you should use the "-a" argument to grant permission to grive to access to your Google Drive. An URL should be printed.

Go to the link. You will need to login to your google account if you haven't done so. After granting the permission to grive, the browser will show you an authenication code. Copy-and-paste that to the standard input of grive.

If everything works fine, grive will create a .grive file in your home directory.

It will also start downloading files from your Google Drive to your current directory.

All the credit goes to he created the project and wrote the code, I have only created the RPM.

Download the Fedora 16 RPM

Once downloaded run #yum localinstall grive-0.1.0-1.fc16.x86_64.rpmEnjoy!